Our project is directly linked to the DMAD, the PhD in Digital Media Arts by Universidade Aberta and Universidade do Algarve. This PhD covers a broad spectrum of action: investigation, education, artistic development, technologies and communication, implementing experimental, multicultural and interdisciplinary processes in the framework of an innovative practice based research model.

The course aims at training professionals in digital media arts for the more diverse working areas, be it in research, education and artistic, technological and communicational development, with solid skills in computer technologies, communication sciences and artistic and intercultural intervention; capable of assuming the leadership of experimental/research-action projects of artistic and intercultural intervention, either individual or collective, covering the development of new applications, products and aesthetic narratives. These professionals will assume duties as managers of research projects, in education and of development and creation of new highly innovative aesthetics discourses that strongly exploit the informative and sensory expressiveness of multimedia contents, technological interfaces and interaction, aiming at constructing interventional artefacts for the creative industry, in the artistic and cultural expression, education and entertaining.

In-vitro is also a platform for interdisciplinary research, acting as catalyst for new research intersections and collaborations trough the Workshops programme, relating the university scholars and experts with students, artists, and guests in very different areas.


INVITRO is a platform to show, foster, support, disseminate and catalyse new artistic solutions and works. The INVITRO exhibition programme is designed to:

  • Show new artists and works;
  • Give visibility to artists and create networking opportunities
  • Give artists the opportunity to work/research with professionals and experts in technology;
  • Create new relations between public and digital arts trough training and experience;
  • Host international projects
  • Develop inter-sectorial research, programmes and partnerships.


INVITRO programme is technology focused, aiming to develop new research, art and solutions in the field of the technology-framed experiences.

Is INVITRO methodological framework, acting as the interface for artistic creation, research and development.

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