Charter of Transdisciplinarity

(adopted at the First World Congress of Trandisciplinarity, Convento da Arrábida, Portugal, November 2-6, 1994) Preamble Whereas, the present proliferation of academic and non-academic disciplines is leading to an exponential increase of knowledge which makes a global view of the human being impossible; Whereas, only a form of intelligence capable of grasping the cosmic dimension[…]


Research Our project is directly linked to the DMAD, the PhD in Digital Media Arts by Universidade Aberta and Universidade do Algarve. This PhD covers a broad spectrum of action: investigation, education, artistic development, technologies and communication, implementing experimental, multicultural and interdisciplinary processes in the framework of an innovative practice based research model. The course[…]


“… following the transdisciplinary path in-between research, artefacts, experiences and creative thinking… in short it is all about fostering an enjoyable world.” Foundations: Transdisciplinarity: combine thinking and practice across disciplines. We build new knowledge from science, technology, art and design towards the development of creative technological artefacts (applications, systems, environments and experiences). Technological Artefacts: all[…]