INVITRO Activation

INVITRO Activation is the Programme that will launch INVITRO for the first 6 months: 1 exhibition each month 1 international Artistic Residential Programme (3 months) ( Portugal – Russia) 6 artist talks 5 workshops Open call for artists, projects, talks Many demos Round tables Website


PRESENSE was INVITRO’s proto-experience: a digital art exhibition that expanded as visitors participated and got actively involved. It was composed of interactive works such as audiovisual sculpture and installation, mobile applications and video mapping. In PRESENSE Rudolfo Quintas developed the concept of sensitive context (Metello, 2015), exploring the relationship between body, sensation and presence, between[…]


The technological modernity imposed on experience new schemes and modalizations of subjectivity, based on the inseparable linkage between bodies and its performativities (cultural and social frameworks) time, politics of attention and technology. Both in present as in the future, the technological based world demands renewed in-the-making definitions and practices of identity, subjectivity and politics, able[…]

Post-graduation Program in Digital Art Practice

Rationale Rapid growing of information and communication technologies (ICT) gave birth to a new type of artist expression – so called “digital art” as creative activity connected with using of technologies, computer graphics, animation, 3D-visualization, virtual reality for mass media including Internet, cinema & television and publishing. Digital art is today traversing several application areas[…]