2The technological modernity imposed on experience new schemes and modalizations of subjectivity, based on the inseparable linkage between bodies and its performativities (cultural and social frameworks) time, politics of attention and technology. Both in present as in the future, the technological based world demands renewed in-the-making definitions and practices of identity, subjectivity and politics, able to meet the challenges of a globalized world, multicultural and challenged by a constant acceleration, geographically-based redefined, computerized, being at the same time actual, virtual and digital.

How can Europe create, through transdisciplinary cultural and technological development, solutions and answers to support, foster and define this new field of experience, identity and knowledge by an artistic, productive and constructive way?

How can the difference – between European cultures, research areas and methodologies, catalyze and generate new solutions, new concepts and words, new cultural objects and new practices within the field of cultural management projects, society and art relation and development?

Working together will be the opportunity to be closer of some of the answers the contemporary world demand from culture.

Capacitating, networking and creating new real opportunities in collaboration, trough experience and creativity.

The project’s strategy is based on mobility, connections, opportunities, cultural difference in a technology-prone world, expertise and knowledge and all its potentiality trough motion and relation.

Consequently, the project has been built accordingly to a set of 6 work packs, ahead explained and having as goals:

Capacity building by knowledge and experience exchange. To be reached by the implementation of a transnational Program consisting in:
6 international Intensive residencies + 4 international work meetings + 6 workshops for artists and cultural operators + 12 artists talks + 3 workshops for special audiences.

Aiming to foster networking within and outside the partnership; to give access to cultural operators and artists to new professional opportunities; to build new partnerships and contacts; for the training and capacitation of cultural operators and artists.
Implementation and Activation of the INVITRO CoLab by profiting the partners expertise, creating the first international interdisciplinary artistic lab focused on digital arts, art and technology and multidisciplinary practices in Portugal, aiming to implement the results of the project, considering as a base a STOA study of best practices in practice based research in new media in Europe; to support and foster digital artistic production and critical though the integration of new audiences ( cultural diversity; disability; poverty situations), to establish a concrete link with industry and economic sector in Portugal.

Organization of the Artefact International Conference in Lisbon, aiming to discuss internationally the subject of New practices & methodologies in cultural difference and artistic creation, the practice based research, digital arts and the fundamental relations between art and contemporary notions of identity, performance, politics of attention and social implications of technology.

The core concept of the project is the capacitation, development and training in the scope of the digital and technological shift that the contemporary world and culture is undergoing.

Consequently, if one of this projects main goals is to create the opportunity and framework for cultural operators and artists to develop their skills (training program, Lab Implementation), internationalise ( training program, conference, artist talks) their careers and circulate through Europe in order to share, compare and explore trough difference new methodologies, practices, concepts and works, this strategy is deeply rooted in an innovative approach to digital contents, experiences, concepts and cultural problems.

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