INVITRO  is the centre for transdisciplinary art, technology and science artefact research, development and experimentation.

INVITRO activates  the whole cycle of research, discussion , creation, production and social integration of cultural production related with innovation, practice based research and all developments in-between art, technology and science.

INVITRO is based at Universidade Aberta headquarters in Lisbon, resulting of a partnership between Universidade Aberta, Universidade do Algarve and Artech International.

Running an International residencial programme (Portugal / Russia), a curatorial programme and a public programme of workshops, round tables and talks, INVITRO works to foster, promote and capacitate artists, researchers and public with digital arts and transdisciplinary thought and practices.

Artists in all areas, researchers, technology developers and thinkers are welcome to present their proposal to INVITRO, in the following formats:

  • Work to be developed in short term residence at INVITRO’s Fabrik;
  • Talk/ Artist talk
  • Project Presentation or Demo

All projects must be submitted through the INVITRO website, using the provided form.

The feasibility of the projects will be evaluated by the INVITRO coordination team and if approved integrated on INVITRO’s programme starting in March 2016.