Universidade Aberta

uabUniversidade Aberta (UAb) is a pioneer institution in distance higher education in PT and the main national centre of expertise, in the area, developed the know-how that allows it to be the biggest provider of on-line courses in the country. Established in 1988, Universidade Aberta  is the only institution of public higher education in Portugal of Distance Learning. Besides its headquarters in Lisboa, the university has delegations in two major Portuguese cities: one in Porto and the other in Coimbra.

Amongst other international and relevant prizes, in 2011, UAb was awarded with the 1st Level of Excellency of the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM). Capacitated with excellent professionals and being an active promotor of European culture throughout its e-leaning system, UAb as also being coordinator and a relevant agent in the dissemination and teaching in the field of the Digital Arts. UAb is the Coordinator of the ENMDA – Enhancement of Russian Creative Education: New Master Program in Digital Arts in Line with the EU Standards” supported by the Program: TEMPUS IV – Joint Projects (European Commission), partner at the DIV.ED – Diversity in the Learning Experience in ( Higher) Education supported by ERASMUS multilateral co-operation ( Austria, Germany, Portugal and Lithuania) focusing on the topics/methodologies of acceptance/tolerance applied to the academic learning context. Universidade Aberta also offers the DMAD: the PhD in Digital Media Arts throughout the affiliation to Algarve University.

This PhD covers a broad spectrum of action: investigation, education, artistic development, technologies and communication, implementing experimental, multicultural and interdisciplinary processes in the framework of an innovative practice based research model.

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